Can one efficiently list all of the affected drawings (IFC drawings issued externally) resulting from modification of a model?

In short, a MicroStation model is completed, IFC drawings are published and issued to the Contractor. Eventually, a design amendment is required (say, re-positioning of a few light posts), requiring changes in multiple IFC drawing packages across multiple disciplines (30 drawings).

Currently, the assembly of an affected drawings list is very manual - scanning through packages to see which drawings have published the outdated version of the light posts. Once populated, these are then all re-issued with updated XREF of light posts.

Can MicroStation track where a certain XREF has been published to, and therefore formulate a 'file list' of drawings that will now be outdated (following relocation of light posts)? Then re-publish these with updated XREF? 

Any help would be most appreciated. Currently we are spending countless hours assembling such lists, with some instances over 100 drawings being affected! 

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