Print Definitions in PO automatically applying Workset when adding files to .pset

ProjectWise Explorer

Microstation CONNETCT

I am having an issue I have not experienced previously. I do not know if it is a CONNECT issue or a ProjectWise issue. We are relatively new to both. We are creating a .pset form files stored on PW. When we add files to the .pset we apply a pre-defined Print Style. The Print Style defines the plot boundary search criteria. We do not use sheet files at this time. We have a regular .dgn file with a border file referenced anda nested file referenced. The Style also defines the paper size. The Advanced tab is only set to define the Color Options (color or monochrome). There is no Workset defined in the Style.

The issue we are experiencing is when the files are added to the .pset (making sure no Workset is defined) the files do not print with the correct font & custom line styles. I racked my brain this morning and discovered the issue was the Workset had been applied to every print definition. Clearing this setting resolved the issue. That's great, but you need to go into the properties of each print definition and manually change it. You cannot select all of the files and change this setting in one shot. With 100 print definitions it is not practical to change each one manually & there are several .pset files.

We tried to delete all of the print definitions and add them again, again making sure the Workset is cleared. When we check the settings of the print definitions after the files are added the Workset is set again. Somehow it is being applied automatically.

Is there a configuration variable or something in our managed workspace that is setting this automatically?????