Microstation Connect not printing outline of filled shapes

Hi Everyone, I’m new to the forums – any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated…  We recently changed from an older version of Microstation to Microstation Connect Edition Update 7 – Version    I am using Print Organizer to generate monochrome TIFF images of my DGN graphics.  These DGN graphics contain filled shapes, these shapes reside on level 50.  When I generate the TIFF image from Print Organizer the outline of the filled shapes is not included with the filled inside of the shape on the TIFF image, and I need the outline of the shapes to be included.  The outline of these shapes is line weight zero and is the same color as the filled inside portion.  I was told by Bentley support that I would have to make the color of the shape outline different from the filled inside color in order for Print Organizer to include the shape outline on the TIFF image.  Does anyone know of another way to accomplish this without having to change these colors on my existing DGN graphics?..  We have literally tens of thousands of existing DGN graphics and changing the outline color of all the shapes on all these graphics would be a huge and expensive effort.  Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks