Automatic sheet numbering in a pset

I know that there are many existing questions similar to this, but haven't found a direct answer I have been satisfied with.  I want to know how to automatically generate sheet numbers; I typically have many separate files all with referenced-in borders.  Is it possible to edit the border sheet in a way that will allow sheet numbers to be placed in based on the pset? I believe it is possible through tags and pen tables, but am not very experienced with creating these. Any information and help would be appreciated. I am using V8i SS4

  • If you want basic sheet numbering based on sheet order in your pset, you can use the text substitution section of your standard pen table.

    When you go to edit your pen table, there is a button in the dialog for Text Substitutions. Click that, and it will open another dialog, listing "actual" and "replacement". There is a small "Edit" menu in the top left, and that will give you a wonderful list of text substitutions you can do automatically. For sheet numbering you will be moist interested in Insert Print Set Item -> Print Definition Number Within Set (which is the page number itself) and Number of Definitions in Print Set (which would be your total number of sheets). Selecting these will automatically add them to the list.

    You can edit the "Actual" term in the list of substitutions once you have created it. If $DOCSET_CURRENTSETDOC$ is just too long and annoying, you could change it to $SHEET$ and it will still work fine.

    If your plan sets are straightforward, this is a pretty easy way to go. But it does get complicated if you are going to have sheets "to be inserted later" from different departments or contractors. This pset substitution only counts the files actually in the pset. If you are going to need to skip numbers because those sheets will show up from somewhere else, then you need to insert a placeholder for each page you need to skip. It also only works if your sheet numbers are consecutive. If your plans tend to have sheets A1-A10, C1-C53, LA207-LA221, then this may not work for you.

    Tags can be more powerful, but they can also be more complicated. I'll leave the discussion of those to others more qualified.


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