Plot scale maximize


Our default printer is for printing A1 formats to PDF. But we also have a printer that plots half-scale (A3) directly to the printer (called Windows printer). However, when I change from the default printer to the windows printer scale don't change according to what I've set up. 

The default printer is set on opening the print dialog:

Change printer to windows printer, default paper size is set to A3 as it should, but the scale is still 1:

Changing the paper size to A4, now it maximizes the preview and changes the scale:

Changing back to A3, sets the scale to 2 as it should be. 

So why isn't the scale set at printer change? I have set the MS_PLT_ENABLE_PRESERVE_SCALE = 0 and MS_PLT_MAX_ON_NEW_AREA = 1 as stated in the wiki (and also seems to work since it changes on papersize-change). 

Running OBD update 6, based on MicroStation 13.