Grayscale lines printing inconsistently

Good Morning,

MicroStation V8i SS4  (MicroStation CONNECT

Plotter:  OCE PlotWave 750

I need some help to improve the quality of the grid lines that we have on our Profile and Cross Section sheets.  These lines have the following symbology:

Level “Major”, color = 14, linestyle = 0, weight = 3

Level “MINOR”, color = 14, linestyle = 0, weight = 1

If I were to print the attached dgn “!JUNK_Profile” and use the attached pltcfg file “OCEPW750-1_HQ_rm312_half” with the associated pentable “!PENTABLE” I get a print that looks like attached pdf file “Printer output_from MSTA”.   If I create a pdf from the same dgn and use the pltcfg file “pdf_half.pltcfg” I still get an undesirable product (it uses the same pentable).  The two printouts, one directly from MicroStation and the other from MicroStation to pdf then to the plotter are different but the problem is the same, they both are missing some lines on the MINOR Level just in different places.  Is there some setting in MicroStation that I need to manipulate in order to produce prints displaying consistent lines on the MINOR level?

I have also tried plotting from MicroStation CONNECT with the same results.

Thank You for your time,