Print Organizer ignoring clip mask

I have an issue with print organizer where the reference clip masks are not masking when printing to PDF. I'm using MicroStation (Select Series 4) Version I have noticed that my workspace configuration expansion path still looking to old version (SS2) pltcfg, I'm not sure if this is the problem, because I can't find pltcfg for a new version, I don't know how to updated it. Any help please? Thank you.

  • Lucilia,

    I'd check and see if the masks work when you use regular plotting (FILE > PRINT). Print Organizer is generally doing the same thing you do when you plot 1 file at a time.
    So if it works when you FILE > PRINT, it should work when you use Print Organizer. You're probably OK, using the SS2 pltcfg.

    Tom F.