Printing using rasterized issue

I'm currently using Connect Edition Update 4.

I'm using ProStructures to create my sheet models.

I have a .pltcfg file I attach when printing and in this file the color maps are all set to 0,0,0 (basically plotting everything in black).

I've set my pdf printing preferences to black & white.

As soon as check on Rasterized the preview in my file shows my dimensions, text patterning in color.

(We have assigned color to our dimensions, text and patterning levels just for viewing purposes).

When I save this pdf all the color that was shown in preview window is now in a grey color.

I'm having to use rasterized as it's giving me a more accurate display of my models linework.

Is there some other setting I'm missing so that I can get a monochrome/black and white print?

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