Open roads link codes

Is it possible using link codes to get a point to be a start of a line string and also be the end of an arc? We have a point that is the start of a line string but we also need it to be the end of an arc. Can a point have two link codes? Just want to close that arc below

  • Hi Jacob,

    this is MicroStation printing and plotting forum, whereas your question is about OpenRoads, so I recommend to move this post to OpenRoads forum. To move existing post, use More > Move tool under your original question.

    Also, please read and follow communities best practices that makes discussions more efficient. You do not specify product and version you use (the best way is to use standardized subject format plus to mention details like build number in text). In fact it's a bit confusing, because you mentioned OpenRoads, but you tagged your post with SS4 name. I think (but I am not civil specialist), that OpenRoads products are CE, whereas older were named InRoads, GEOPAK etc.

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