Create pdf file with clear line when zoom in

I have my pen table set up where it looks good when print at the size created. However if I open the PDF and zoom in the lines are too thick to view.

In Bluebeam and Acrobat there is a setting to turn off the line widths  so the file is legible when zooming in. 

Is there a setting to control this when creating the PDF so weights are clear when zooming in?

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  • that isn't going to help the client unless they do the same setting in acrobat or Bluebeam.

    you just have to educate the client .. maybe a tip in the email if you email  pdf... regarding using Acrobat and Control 5, and another great tool I have educated others to use in our office and clients is turning on and use of the loupe tool its just like the jewelers magnifier .. like having two screens  and magnifier follows main screen , great for zoom in to title block erc without changing the main view size.. try it  you'll love it.. acrobat reader only sorry...

    We had to educate clients about layered pdfs  why not toggle weights...


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