Pen tables don't work with 3d sections

I have saved 3d section views and when creating a pdf the saved views do not follow pen tables views.

I get a wsywig output

On top of this my saved views do not have the colors of the saved section view. If I open the saved view in the model file the colors are as set in the cut and forward setting.

When I place the view into a sheet or model the color changes.what could cause this?in this case color 3 to color 51.

When creating  my pdf the lines are faint and some are screened. Some don't even show up because  either they are to light or the view is not obeying the clipping plane in the plot file.

On top of this the entire sheet file may be screened.

And some 2d shapes will be filled in black in the pdf.

I've tried numerous  things sometimes with the right out come but latter it changes.

I've updated my pent table . Didn't help.

Removed the pen table which can help but any 2d objects don't print correctly as desired

Setting to monochrome will print everything thing black including the shaded fill.

  • Any way you could post a sample DGN, and your plotting setup (pltcfg & pen tables)? I probably won't be much help, but perhaps someone else will be able to dive into your files and see what the issue is.


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