Print Organizer - Nested Reference Not Printing

We have a project using MicroStation Connect Edition and used OpenRoads for drawing production to create plan & cross sections to specific project folders.  I have a workset file that defines the locations of the corridor files and the master compile file that the named boundaries were created in.  Our folder structure is as shown in the image below.

The projects base reference files, corridors, etc.. all are stored in the ..02 Draw/01 Production folder, The cross section sheet files are stored in the ..02 Draw/03 Plans/Cross Sections folder.

When I create a PSET, and preview a cross section sheet, the sheet & drawing model contents show up fine, the nested reference of the model does not appear.  If the cross section files are in the ..02 Draw/01 Production folder, then the model appears in the sections.  I am having similar issues with the plan sheets as well.

If it were an issue with the workset config, I feel like none of the nested references would show up when opening the plan or cross section files.  The line character length of each of the file paths is less than 100 characters.

We've used nested references in previous versions of MicroStation hundreds of times with no issues at all.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

MicroStation Connect Edition Update 13 - Version

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