[Mstn CE U14] Plot Dialog box issues


Just as background information, we are still working on Mstn V8i (SS3), so that is the basis I have for comparison.  We are waiting for the significant bugs to be ironed out of CE before we switch to it.

I am having issues with the Print Dialog box.

1) In previous versions (V8i), the Windows Icon next to the Windows Printer name, selects the Windows printer to use.  This is consistent with the PltCfg pull-down and "..." button above it--the "..." button brings up a dialog box select the item to the left of it (ie the PltCfg file).  In Mstn CE 14, the Windows icon, instead of changing the item to the left of the icon, brings up the Windows Printer Properties dialog box.

I have several complaints about this:
1a) There is no instant button to bring up a dialog box to select the active Windows Printer.
1b) This is not consistent with the button above--it should allow the item to the left of it to be selected.
1c) This icon has already been used with the same appearance in the same location in previous versions of Microstation to bring up a different dialog box.  Why should the same icon bring up a different tool?  If you are going to add a feature, you need to use a new icon.  The ideal would be to have two buttons-one to select the Windows printer and one to adjust it properties. 

2) if you select the scale, type in a new number, and the hit the "Enter Key" to accept the new scale, Microstation CE U14 executes the print command, rather than accepting your value.  In other locations (such as setting the scale on a cell to place), hitting the "Enter Key" completes the "entry" (which why it is called the "Enter" key) of your new value, and often will advance you to the next field to change.  Here, it does not accept your entry (the preview does not change), until you hit Enter or Tab, but hitting enter also suddenly prints what you don't even have a chance to see in the preview.

Again, my specific complaints are"
2a) My focus is on the Scale field, therefore my keystrokes should go to that field, not to suddenly print.
2b) Changing the scale field does significant changes to what is printed, so I would expect to see the preview updated before printing.
2c) This behavior is not consistent with the other tools in Microstation CE U14.
2d) This is not consistent with the behavior of previous versions Microstation.

I have submitted Service Reports for both of these items.  The response that I got back was that these are WAD (works as designed) and I just have to live it.  The problem is that we have paid good money to continue receiving support and upgrades for Microstation.  These things are not upgrades.  Instead of increasing production and profitability, they are causing issues and wasting ink and paper.  How do I get them fixed?

--Robert Arnold

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