Using old style "*.plt" files for standardized pdf plots with today's Microstation

I have created three standard files I was using to export to pdf files.  What is the proper process to use those?  I had them since I was using Microstation SE and they were a marvel to work with.

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  • Hi Jason,

    Today's Microstation was my way of saying "the current version" or in other words, the version of Microstation you can download from Bentley's web site today.

    Sorry, but "your way" is confusing: Today it's possible to download MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 10), MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 13 and Update 14. So you do specify version at all, even whether the question is about V8i or CONNECT Edition.

    Why to do things in a different way just because it's "my way', when recommended standard practices are defined?

    let me share this

    Again, why to do it this way? ... that btw protect anyway to try the driver, because it cannot be simply use/converted in MicroStation, because it's not the file. Or you did it intentionally?

    When a file is shared, there is Insert > Insert image/video/file tool available to attach the file to the post. Small files can be attached directly (when the format is allowed), in other cases it's recommended to zip them before attaching.

    And when a code or text snippet is shared for reading, to use Insert > Insert code is recommended to format the snippet properly (and not as plain text).

    For a plt file I developed and was using

    Did you try to convert the file and use it in MicroStation, using the information provided by . What is the result?