How do I create and/or edit a pen table format in MicroStation V8i SS4?

I am trying to find out where and how do I edit or create a new pen table in MicroStation. I see they have printer drivers, which have a file extension of .pltcfg or .plt. But there is also a file to choose with the type for the Pen table with the file extensions .tbl, .ctb and .stb

So I am trying to figure out how to look at and edit or create a new one and the difference in the 2. In AutoCAD, when you go to plot you can choose your pen table in a .ctb file type as well as choose the option to Edit it and also Save or Save As a new file for current and other projects. So I am just trying to see where does that apply and where do I go to do these actions in MicroStation?


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  • You will find that in the Print dialog, in the menu at the top under "Resymbolization".

    There is an item for "Edit Pen Table" (as well as New and Attach) which will open the Modify Pen Table dialog. The File menu in that dialog has options for both Save and Save As


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  • What do you want it to do?

    By default without a pentable microstation is WYSIWYG so Line weights and Line Styles and Colours... not like the way most acaders work  they still prefer old school even though acad has had WYSIWYG for years, they still prefer in print weight and style by colours... it is thro the pentable you can achieve the same result as acad  does  also we have text  substitution thru the pentable  ie  $FILE_L  if enabled  finds $FILE_L  in say your title block and changes this wild card  into the actual long file name  ie includes path... there are many others  but look up help text substitution to understand more


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