PowerInRoads V8i SS2 - Custom Linestyles / fonts not printing

We are having a print problem similar to that shown in the video below.  The difference is the problem we are experiencing is in PowerInRoads SS2 Our MicroStation V8i SS2 workspace prints without any problems from Print Organizer it's only when we use the workspace and Print Organizer in PIR SS2.   I was wondering if there were some different configuration variables we needed to use to solve this?


  • MS_PLT_ENGINE_CMDLINE_ARGS is the configuration variable used if there is anything custom about your PIR shortcut - command line arguments.

    The command line arguments are actually anything that follows the exe part of the shortcut. Anything like


    like -wpODOT

    You can find out more about them in the Help file.

    What you would need to add to your configuration would be the argument itself. I have a line that looks like

    # MS_PLT_ENGINE_CMDLINE_ARGS = -wc"M:/Bentley/SS4/Startup/SS4Startup.cfg"

    which tells Print Organizer to use this same "extra" configuration file that MicroStation does.


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    Answer Verified By: Corey Baird 

  • I am using ORD with Print Organizer to output to pdf.  Custom linestyles were printing just fine for me until a few days ago.  One particular WorkSet is no longer printing correctly.  Other are still fine.

    My ORD shortcut does not use flags.

    My WorkSets don't really do anything since most of our standards are set at the Organization-Civil level.

    Is it still necessary to set this variable?

  • If it was fine until a few days ago and still works fine for most of your projects, I think that might be something to do with changes in the workspace/workset. I'm not sure where to start suggesting you find that...The configuration issue previously was wholesale, as in, nothing printed correctly. Since you mention one workset in particular, You might start dissecting that to see if anything has happened.


    Power GeoPak
    Power InRoads
    OpenRoads Designer 2021 R2


  • Hi there. Following this...do you happen to know what the Configuration variable is now in ORD for the linestyes. When this happened in V8i the variable.. MS_PLT_ENGINE_CMDLINE_ARGS  fixed this issue. 

  • I've tried a lot of things to fix this, but I think it was the "Update Standards from Dgnlib" command that finally resolved this.

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