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Is there a way to permanently change your Microstation printer to pdf preferences? I would like my resolution to change from 1200 dpi to 300 dpi automatically when printing out drawings to pdf, as this would save a lot of time when printing out many sets of drawings individually. I currently manually change it to 300 dpi through the printer settings every time I have to print each drawing. Please let me know if this is possible. thank you.

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  • The dialog in your screenshot appears to be the Windows PDF driver from Adobe, rather the regular method most people use inside of MicroStation.

    To change these settings in Windows :

    • Close MicroStation
    • Go to your Start button, scroll down the list of apps for Settings
      • (I'm using Windows 10, so if you're on something else it'll be a bit different here)
    • Click on Devices
    • Click on Printers & Scanners
    • Click on the printer you want to change
    • Click the Manage button
    • Click Printer Properties
    • In the General tab of the dialog click the Printing Preferences button
      • Change your settings here
      • Click OK
    • Check the Advanced tab of Printer Properties dialog
      • There is a Printing Defaults button there
      • If that button is enabled change the same settings in that dialog that you did in the previous one
      • Click OK
    • Click OK

    Check MicroStation and see if the settings have applied now.

    The solution MaryB is talking about is when using a pltcfg driver instead of the Windows System driver. Most people use Bentley's pdf.pltcfg  for creating PDFs. If you want to try this the file is in:

    For MicroStation connect: C:\Program Files\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\MicroStation\Default\pltcfg

    For MicroStation V8i (SS10): C:\ProgramData\Bentley\MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries)\WorkSpace\System\pltcfg


  • Yes, Kevin is right. I was talking about using a Bentley PLTCFG file to set the bulk of the printer settings within MicroStation. If you are not using these files, you will need to make your changes to the printer through the Windows settings.

    The benefit or using the Bentley drivers, as opposed to the Windows drivers, is that you can have settings that apply only to your drawing files without affecting any other documents you may need to produce in other software that use that Windows printer.


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