ORD printing pdf with raster attachments

Being new to ORD (coming from SS10), when printing does ORD handle rendering raster images differently than Powergeopak SS10, or any other previous V8i version?  I have a sheet model with a double plan view, each plan view has a reference file attached which has 6 aerial tiles attached to it via raster manager.  Each tile is a .jp2 file of about 20 Mb in size.  When printing to pdf, I set the brightness to 60 and the quality to 25%.  This creates a pdf of about 3 Mb in size after several minutes.

When I open the pdf in Adobe, it looks like the aerials have been rendered in several smaller tiles.  When I print the file, it takes about 10 minutes to print.  If I create the exact same sheet model in SS10, print as a pdf with the same settings, the created PDF is about 1 Mb in size and prints very quickly when sent to a printer.  I have also tried printing rasterized and non-rasterized, and it makes no difference.  We have printed PDFs this way for years with no speed or size problems.

Is there a setting somewhere in ORD that I am missing which needs to be changed or adjusted?


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