Odd size paper

Have a collection of drawings all set for 40x28 paper.  I have been using fence, then modify fence to grab the outside borders.  I select the print button and change the paper size to 40x28.  Change the color to monochrome, click the maximize button, print to file,  remove the -defult-000 from the file name, select the folder and save.

Anyway to automate this more. Odd paper size will not show up in a print style so each time the 40 x 28 has to be entered.

Is there anyway to have microstation default to a folder?

Name the pdf the same as the file name?

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  • are you using sheet models or  just model space? you should look in the help and  on line training videos ( youtube , bentley learn) how to set up "print organiser".. you can set up different  print routines  for different settings  and set specific drawings to be selected and  if sheets used it automatically fits  no fence required... if not sheets just  border shapes then you can define the shape and level name to be searched and selected again no fence required ... this is great for batch printing ...and can be resellected every time you have updated the drgs and  need to reprint them..

    I have in v8i my workspace configuration has a variable that fits print to max visible edges and I don't have any stuff  outside the title blck view exref clipped  so it auto fences when I hit  control P for one off instant  print...this may be a little to advanced for you just yet but  worth looking up in help .. I havent set this up in Connect edition yet .. so both of us could learn something in the next few days...


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