[SS10] How to get sharp corners at all vertices of an element?

Simple task but seems impossible to achieve:

I created a rectangle using Orthogonal mode, started at the top left finishing bottom right.

The Hexagon was created using Place Inscribed Polygon started at the centre and finishing at 12 o'clock.

The polygon was created using Place shape starting and ending at the furthest left vertex.

I then printed geometry using my customised version of the delivered PDF plot configuration and this is what I get:

As you can see the corner at the top left of the rectangle/End point of the Hexagon/ Start & Endpoint of the Polygon is not squared and quite frankly it looks extremely bad.

Relevant Plot Configuration Settings:

Default Line Cap = Flat

Default Line Join =  Miter

Maximum Miter Angle (Degrees) = 45

So Bentley, what do I need to do to print geometry without these unsightly gaps which appears to be treating specific points with the Line Cap value instead of Line Join?