What affects sequence when plotting?

I have a single level in a nested reference in an existing  survey motif that is plotting above design, all 2D files

I have the priority of the level set to -200 in the nested reference, then I have the motif referenced in the sheet file with "never" overrides. I have the motif at the top of the sequence order in my references.

I then have my pentable set up so that the nested reference logical name is plotted at -200, the design motif is plotted at 200, and even wrote in the pentable to have the level in the nested reference plot at -200.

It STILL plots on top. I have tried enabling "non-rasterized priority sort mode" and it results in all my survey being plotted above my design. I am stumped. Is there anything else that can screw with the priority when plotting?

To summarize, I have used the following methods to make survey plot behind:

  • Negative priority in design file, referenced with never override
  • File moved to top of sequence in references
  • Used the pentable to have both the nested reference, and the level in the nested reference plot at a negative priority (and have it at the bottom of the pentable list to be the final action)


  • Honestly, you have covered everything I can think of. I know that doesn't help...Is this only in one file, or does the "bad" level plot incorrectly anywhere it is used?

    You may need to file a service ticket on this one. That way, if there's anything out of the ordinary, Bentley will have your data to investigate it.

    I have, on occasion, had bad files that just refused to plot correctly. Often, recreating the file from a fresh seed can fix whatever bit of bad data there was. Not the optimal solution, but there it is.


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  • I'm with Mary, you've tried just about everything.

    There are other possibilities to investigate....

    • Are you printing this as a single sheet using the Print dialog, or as a set of sheets using Print Organizer? Try the other printing tool and see if you get the same results.

    • Check all of the dgn's in this print (master file and all references). Verify you don't have a rogue copy of these elements in any of those other files.

    • Is the problem level in the same file as one of your other references/master file you are plotting and you're just varying the level display between attachments?
      If so, save that problem level out to a new file and try referencing in the new file.

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  • Not sure from your language, but did you adjust this-

    If so, I would start with a generic pltcfg, no pen table to test. The add stuff back one at a time.

    I adjusted my work flow to make everything WYSIWYG (except linecodes 0-7, and weights, working on that) years ago, I won't go back. Of course that's not possible when you're forced to use other's configuration/standards.

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  • If so, I would start with a generic pltcfg, no pen table to test.

    I think Bob is on the right track here. I would go back and remove all priorities and pen table settings. Start from the beginning & keep it simple. Applying too many settings can cause just as many issues. Some of the settings can be cumulative as well. Best example of something I ran into when transparency was first introduced, I had some shading in a drawing and I hade the level set to 50% transparency. In my plot driver I had the color for that shading set to 50% transparent as well. When the file was printed there was no shading because the 2 separate transparency settings were added together to make the shading 100% transparent.

    Once you are back to the beginning I would go to the container file of the nested reference and set all display priorities and reference sequences in that file. Create a plot and see what you get. I would not change any settings in the sheet file as the container file should control everything for the reference files attached to it.

    It can be a tedious process, but once you figure it out you know what to look for in the future. Nested files can be tough to deal with. 

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