What affects sequence when plotting?

I have a single level in a nested reference in an existing  survey motif that is plotting above design, all 2D files

I have the priority of the level set to -200 in the nested reference, then I have the motif referenced in the sheet file with "never" overrides. I have the motif at the top of the sequence order in my references.

I then have my pentable set up so that the nested reference logical name is plotted at -200, the design motif is plotted at 200, and even wrote in the pentable to have the level in the nested reference plot at -200.

It STILL plots on top. I have tried enabling "non-rasterized priority sort mode" and it results in all my survey being plotted above my design. I am stumped. Is there anything else that can screw with the priority when plotting?

To summarize, I have used the following methods to make survey plot behind:

  • Negative priority in design file, referenced with never override
  • File moved to top of sequence in references
  • Used the pentable to have both the nested reference, and the level in the nested reference plot at a negative priority (and have it at the bottom of the pentable list to be the final action)