Text looks like it was drawn with crayon after printing

See attached. Running OpenRail 2021 R1 

On the pltcfg, I jacked up the dots per unit and precision. How can I fix this? I think it has something to do with the scale

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  • Adding to what said, if it is a true type font, and it exists in a font resource file (.rsc  file) I would expect this kind of output.

    Way back in the V7 days the only way to use your Windows TrueType fonts in MicroStation was to import them into your font .rsc file. It was a lower resolution version of the font, but it was something. In V8 MicroStation was able to access the TrueType fonts directly, eliminating the need to import. However, if your .rsc file still contained the imported font, the imported version was used instead of the higher resolution Windows version.

    That is still the case in CONNECT. 

    We have done CAD audits of numerous organizations' standards in their move to MicroStation CONNECT and ORD. It amazes me how often we are still finding font .rsc files with imported TrueType fonts.

    Rod Wing
    Senior Systems Analyst