can't get lineweight overrides to plot

I am trying to use level overrides on a reference file to get it to plot correctly.  There are linestyles in the reference that are at the wrong scale, and the wrong lineweight, so I am trying to use overrides to correct both of those.  Both the scale and weight overrides appear correctly on my screen.  The problem, however, is that the lineweight override does not plot.  The scale override plots correctly, but the lineweight does not.  Can someone walk me through how to fix this?  I am using IPlot on microstation V8i (SS10) version  I have attached a simple file to show what i am talking about.  There are 3 pictures in the file.  The first pic is a microstation screenshot of 3 lines as they show up in the reference.  The second pic is a microstation screenshot of the 3 lines with scale and weight overrides turned on.  The third pic is a plot showing how the scale override plotted correctly but the weight override did not.


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