InterPlot Organizer Text Substitution

We use InterPlot Organizer to create PDFs of our Microstation drawings.

We are currently using a design script to substitute placeholder text for the current page number and total pages to create a "Sheet X of X" text field. The same script substitutes text for a time stamp and file location. There are obvious IPLOT keywords for those substitutions. I am wondering if there is a way to substitute a "Continued On" text to the next page in the Organizer? This would save us from manually updating sheets when new sheets are added to the project since they are not always added to the end.

If there are no keywords for this, I was thinking the other option may be to create an .ips file using command line inputs, which I have just started investigating. Going this route, is there a way to add a sheet level variable via the command line inputs? The design script could then be modified to use this new variable to substitute the text when the PDF is created.

We are using InterPlot Organizer CONNECT Edition

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