MicroStation/J Batch print/conversion to PDF

Dear Friends,

We have a requirement to convert/print large number of MicroStation/J files to PDF.

These are pipeline isometrics extracted from PDS 3D Model.

We can print one file at a time to PDF format.

However we do not know how to do batch print to PDF.

Please help.



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  • Hexagon (Intergraph) PDS is used to extract pipeline isometric files from PDS 3D Models. For PDS, MicroStation/J is a prerequisite. These files are MicroStation/J files, but have extensions .i01, .i02, .i03.....so on and so forth. If a line is split into 3 sheets, then filenames will be LineName.i01, LineName.i02 and LineName.i03. Sometimes we have 30 files for a line (.i30). We have to batch convert these into PDF format.

  • Are you actually using MicroStation/J?
    I don't recall if that version even had batch plotting - it might not.

    I do believe it had MicroStation BASIC, so you could possibly write a program that could open and print files for you.

    That is a very old version, and it lacked a lot of the more modern capabilities.


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  • Are you actually using MicroStation/J?

    As Intergraph and then Hexagon developed PDS they chose to ignore the advances in MicroStation over the years.  They didn't move to MicroStation V8, let alone MicroStation CONNECT.  PDS users are stuck in an ancient version of MicroStation/J that most of us have forgotten.

    I do believe it had MicroStation BASIC

    Yes, MicroStation/J includes MicroStation BASIC.  The 'J' stands for the Java programming language, which came and went with that version of MicroStation.

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  • I don't remember much about J but if it can batchplot it will be in the mdls  folder and  most likely called batchplt.ma or similar..should really  be a pulldown tool from the distant dark clouds of time... but worth a looking in the mdls folder and  run it  from keyin mdl load batchplt.ma  or what ever it was called back then... you'll still have to configure it with the  print boundary etc  , it wont have sheet  models .. too old just model space and  cells or objects... 

    the extensions  should not matter microstation can still recognise its a dgn in reality...if not  you have to use a freeware program to rename all your  file names and extensions its  called Bulk utility Renamer ... otherwise time to upgrade even only one license to latest version to take advantage of newer features and latest DWG recogition  .. print organiser, new datums, Bing maps and aerials xrefs FREE, google earth pro interaction  just to name a fraction since J....

    FYI its not a batch conversion to pdf its a print function hence batch printing to pdf....should be same  process in J as  in XM and  inV8i  so if you dont have user manuals for J go find user manuals for XM or V8i


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  • J/V7 has the batchplot utility probably in puldownmenu File or Utility. If not, load it through the mdl menu.

    Microstation supports PDF-printing since V8.5(2004). So in J/v7 you'll have to use a windows pdf driver of some sort.

    There is probably  a batchprocessor in J/v7 that will allow you to perform repetitive tasks on a bunch of files. If there is, you'll find in in Utility.

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