Free BentleyView8

I am trying to create 3DPDF with BentleyView8.
I have two questions.
First, when printing, Scale is automatically displayed when Maximize is clicked, but this Scale is an odd number.
If you try to set a scale larger than the value displayed in this scale, it will be repelled and the value will be displayed automatically.
Small numbers are accepted.
Objects displayed against the printed paper have room to spare.
Where should I set to print in a size as large as possible for the printing paper?

Secondly, is there a data capacity limit that can be exported to 3DPDF with the free BentleyView8?
I've heard that there is a limit to the amount of data, and I'm worried that all the 3D models will be exported in the case of a fairly large 3D model.

If anyone knows please let me know