Best way to implement drawing sets with links within them that allows quick jumping around the final PDF drawing sheets?

I am quite new with Microstation and wanted to learn more about the best ways to create drawing sets that allow you to place drawing references that links to other sheets in the same drawing set. 

For example, if you have drawing 100, 200, and 300. I wanted to put a sheet index like table on the 100 sheet that shows what 200 and 300 are about. But I also wanted to make it such that, I can put a linkage within the pdf file that allows people to click on that 200 and 300 text on sheet 100, which will automatically bring them to sheet 200 or 300 respectively. What is the most efficient way if I want to do that? 

Note that this is for linking within the same file and I wanted the file produced by print-organizer within the same set to plot the final file with multiple sheets with correct links on them if possible, just like how an elink will work for external file links. 


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