batch print v8i drawings from excel using macro

I've been trying to find a discussion topic or tutorial explaining this step by step.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

1. create an excel spreadsheet that has a list of .dgn files for a project

2. use an excel macro to find these drawings, and open them

3. batch print these .dgn files to .pdf and/or plotter using a push button on the spreadsheet


Anyone have any suggestions, references?



  • Since V8i has the print organizer which does a similar task, why not use it.

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  • try this!

    very help full.

  • Anonymous said:
    Batch print these .dgn files

    Why not use MicroStation's built-in tools, such as Print Organiser?

    Anonymous said:
    Print v8i drawings from Excel using macro

    Post questions about VBA to the Programming Forum.

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  • it would be nice to have a way of importing a text file that contained a list of drawings into the paint organizer. Currently, we use an Excel spreadsheet to log our drawings and title block information. and for the more help regarding printer go to the to get the help.