Multiple Reference Clip Masks crashing PDF creation

I was wondering if anyone else has encountered the subject issue.  Below is the scenario;

DGN A contains multiple reference files (4-8).

DGN B contains graphics defining a project border

DGN C contains graphics of a bridge or structure plan view.

DGN D contains DGN A referenced with live nesting=1, DGN C referenced, and DGN B referenced.

The user clip bounds DGN A & C to a defined shape in DGN D.   The user then clip masks areas of DGN A where text, labels and dimensions overlap information in DGN C in DGN D.

DGN D probably has a total of 8-10 clips including the clip boundaries.

When attempting to print the file to a PDF using the Print organizer or from the print/plot dialog, the printing progress dialog opens with the Print Status reading "Constructing Display List" and the process runs for 20-30 minutes, then we just stop the process.

Once I remove all of the CLIP MASKS, we can create the PDF in seconds from both the Print Organizer or print/plot dialog box.

We have tried on several workstations running a variety of windows versions( XP & 7), workstations that are 32 & 64 Bit, RAM ranging from 4 to 8 GB.  We were able to create the PDF from a laptop running win8, ms08.11.09.397, 16GB RAM.



Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit/Windows 7 Pro 64Bit/ Windows XP SP2