Batch print without references

Is there a method to exclude references from printing? Looking to print 1000+ files without their references.

I tried modifying MS_RFDIR so that it was blank or to a directory other than where my reference files are but somehow it keeps finding them!

  • You can start MicroStation with the command line switch -o to tell it to ignore all references. If you use the switch -o1, MicroStation finds the references, but doesn't load them. I think the two are the same for the purpose you describe. (In the first case, that's the letter o, and the second case, it's the letter o followed immediate by the number 1).

  • How many reference files are there? One thing we like to do is rename the reference file so Microstation can't find it. This works well if there are limited reference files. If all reference files are in the same folder you may be able to temporarily rename the folder. If all else fails you can copy the sheet files and use a Batch Process to detach all of the references and then plot.

    You should be able to do something with the config files. Maybe changing MS_RFDIR is not working because the references are attached using "Save Relative Path"

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  • in the old batch printing in XM there was a setting to include ref files ...just turn that off...

    I think this is still in SS2 v8i  or

    if the ref files dont live in the same filepath or folder that the drawing do then

    copy the drawing files only to a temp folder and batch print those.. alternatively temporarily move the ref folder batch print then move the folders back..


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