[v8i] SS3: Lines disappearing when printed using rasterized option


I am new to Microstation and would like to ask something about an issue I encountered with printing a DGN file to PDF and on paper. Some of the lines will disappear when printed. These lines will not disappear on the print preview but they will disappear when the file is printed. Please see below for the affected graphics which is enclosed in red boxes.

When this drawing is printed, it will appear as the following:

However when I turned off the Rasterized option, the lines won’t disappear at all.

This problem will only occur in these particular drawing files and when I copy-paste this graphic to another DGN file, the issue is not encountered. Sadly, this is not an efficient solution.

I am using Microstation V8i (Select Series 3) when I encountered this problem. When using another machine with Microstation V8i (Select Series 2), the problem is not encountered as the lines won't disappear. I have tried printing 5 different machines, 3 machines with Select Series 2 and 2 machines with Select Series 3; the issue is encountered in both machines with Select Series 3. Anyone else encountered this?



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