I am using Microstation V8i SS3.  I just downloaded the software to a new computer and want to setup the printers.  Is there a white paper or tutorial for setting-up printers in Microstation so can have multiple page size options?

  • Hi CADTech

    initially you will see all Windows Printers and for each the paper sizes that the printer driver defines as defaults. Do you wish to reduce this list of paper sizes visible to the user? Or do you want to define new paper formats, or change MicroStation specific settings like border size, label on/off, offset?

    And, try the improved search function here, if you cant find a wiki good for you, come back here ;)


  • Hello CADTech

    When using the default Windows driver (printer.pltcfg), you will automatically have access to all of the Paper Sizes available to the Printer you are plotting to.  When using any of the Bentley drivers (pdf.pltcfg, hpglrtl.pltcfg, etc.), you will also have various Paper Size selections automatically available.  Do you want to reduce the list of choices?  If so, which driver do you plan on using?


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