Print Styles not showing up in Print Organizer

Currently my office is using a single DGN file as a holder for print styles located on our server where users can open it to create plot sets.  I am attempting to use that file to create a DGNLIB so that users have access to the print styles where ever they are.

I saved the Template DGN file as a DGNLIB file and added the file to the list in the MS_DGNLIBLIST as I have read that I should do in other topics,  I am able to see and select the print styles in the print dialog box in the Settings pull down, Apply Print Style, but in Print Organizer the Print Style list is empty.

 I removed it from the MS_DGNLIBLIST and saved it to the "\WorkSpace\Interfaces\MicroStation\default" so that it would load by default in Microstation, I get the same results.

Where did I go wrong?