MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 8 with LumenRT Update 4 is out!

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 8 has just been released and it comes with LumenRT Update 4 as Product Companion.

What's new in LumenRT Update 4?

Here are the exciting new features that made it into this update of LumenRT:

  • HDR Sky Maps: Supports loading high-res HDR sky maps to use as the scene background
  • 180 Degree Stereo Rendering: Output 180 degree images to support 180 degree playback devices
  • Export Panoramic Image Sequence: Output a series of 360 panoramic images to support 3D walkthroughs (note: 360 pano walkthrough view not included)
  • Keyframing of Sky and Clouds: The weather and cloud speed sliders are now fully animate-able
  • Realtime Stereo Side-By-Side: Display 3D stereo on your computer screen if your graphic card support this.
  • 3SM Mesh Clip Volumes:  Support for honoring 3SM clip volumes created in MicroStation.
  • 3SM URL Support:  Support and import of 3SM meshes from the web.
  • 3SM Layers:  3SM’s now have their own individual layer.

Some examples of the new LumenRT Update 4 features...

HDR Sky Map

HDR Sky Map Example


Real-time Stereo Side by Side example