Microstation V8i SS3 crashes again and again while exporting geometry to Luxology-renderer


if we want to render large MicroStation models with a lot of trees and shrubs in it, MicroStation crashes while exporting the geometry to Luxology Renderer. We get this behaviour again and again on several files. It´s always the same. To get the file rendering,  we remove some geometry like trees or accessoires or we are using a huge amount of shared cells. After that the rendering-process works fine again. But that´s not really a long term solution for this problem.

We reported this problem several times in the last year!!

It would be very nice if there would be a warning or a message,  that the maximal geometry export size is reached or even an information about the limit. It would be even better, if this limit could be extended?

Someone told us in the near future there will be a ss4 Version? Will this thing be solved in ss4?

I send you  two rendered image with this message. On both projects we got the described problems.

I hope you have some good news for me