Hello All,

Is there a good web resource for free use textures/materials specific to uStn rendering?  Im able to find a bunch for use with sketchup, are those a good pick?

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Frank,

    Once, there was an idea to make a Community where people could share 3D models, materials etc. This was the Entourage Community: http://communities.bentley.com/products/microstation/microstation_visualization/entourage/f/54728

    Unfortunately this wasn't a succes.

    An other site where I get my textures from is cgtextures . Almost anything can be find there, and you can download until 15 images a day (more textures has to be paid). 

    Hope this is what you where looking for.

    Regards Louis

  • Hi Frank
    picture is a picture doesn't exist something as uStn specific texture, for this point every picture is good,
    e.g. many of my texture I did with my iphone and then I remade them in Photoshop so, as small as I need for good result,
    much important is how picture will be used as pattern, map, displacement, anisotropy or with alpha or as multilayered material or in viz or animation ? and so on and on, I recommend /manuals, books and personal experiences in discuss. groups/ anything about how to do really great material and I am affraid this is not skippable :-)
    best regards
  • Hi Frank,

    There is a large variety of materials that come with MicroStation.

    From the Material Editor dialog select the Palette>Open...
    This will bring up a list with over 20 different material palettes(Bentley_Materials.dgnlib) that contain hundreds of pre-built materials.

    You can also make a new empty palette (Palette>New) and then use Material>Import... to import just the materials you need from these pre-built palettes into your new palette.  

    These pre-built materials are good examples to study and/or use as starting points for developing your own custom materials.


  • Hi, I hope that you have already found your answer.

    It is a bit disappointing for luck of resources directly related to Mstn. However, that gives us opportunity to learn about the materials to create them from scratch.

    Luckily Luxology has tones of learning materials available online, and good that Mstn provides option to create your own material libraries.

    Having materials supplied with Microstation is a good start to create your own materials.

    (A) Note that LXP materials can be used in Mstn directly.

    (!) remember when creating your own materials start with small steps.

    Nikolay Vyglazov