Luxology Clipping Close to Camera/Front

Hello Luxology friends. Your input and advise would be greatly appreciated.

I have used photomatch to setup an accurate camera which displays proposed geometry appropriately relative to an existing image/photo. The problem is, for some unknown reason, there seems to be a spherical region near the camera location that is not being rendered. The image below is what is being produced.

Rendered from Luxology

Below is a screen capture showing the settings (which I have tried both ways and I get the same results).

And finally, doing a "Utilities > Image > Save..." using "smooth" produces the following results which does not do the "clipping" which the luxology is.

Save As Smooth Rendering

Any suggestions for how to get the Luxology to honor/render the "near-camera" geometry would be greatly appreciated. I've tried changing the focal distance and display depth with no success. I was only able to get the Luxology to render LESS geometry near the camera. I can't imagine that Luxology wouldn't allow someone to place a camera very near geometry and render it. This camera is about 7 feet from the ground.


Christopher Johnson, Visualization Specialist