CE Update 4 - Issue when Stenciling "Physical" Line Styles

In CE Update 4, when stenciling elements for lane markings which use a line style that is set to Physical, the accuracy of the stenciled result changes depending on how closely the line style is being displayed in the view. If you are zoomed in very close to the line style the stenciled result is accurate, but the further out you zoom the less accurate the stenciled result will be. The accuracy appears to be based on pixels rather than meters. It should be based on meters for physical line styles.

I believe in V8i SS3 this used be controlled by the Stroke Tolerance setting of the "Untitled" render setup in the Render Settings dialog, but not anymore.

Dropping the line styles fixes the appearance of the stencil results but you end up with thousands of individual tiny meshes, instead of one mesh per line. This isn't an acceptable workaround.

Another issue with the stencil tool is, only the portions of the "line style" that are visible within the view actually get stenciled. Anything that extends beyond the view doesn't get stenciled.