convert file for 3d printing

I want to convert a 3d model omzetten  to a stl-file because I want to print it in 3d. But when I convert it the model isn't like the original model. What's going wrong? beneath you will find a printscreen of the original and when I converted ti to *.stl of * obj. What  is the best way to convert it?


  • I did my first 3D print just a few weeks ago and I had great success :-)

    These are the settings that I used to export my STL file:

    I figured that a 2° Angle Tolerance was going to be good enough and when I inspected the STL file the mesh was quite detailed but at the same time, not too big either.

    The other thing to consider, and you probably already know this, but you have to make sure that your mesh is water tight. The simplest way to achieve this is to model everything as one Solid. I haven't experimented with multiple solids but I think that should work too, especially if you're using a printer with two heads and you want to print a multi coloured object.