LumenRT - updating file changes from Microstation

If I export a design to LumenRT from Microstation v8i and add LumenRT objects / graphics.   but then my design changes, Is there a way I can re-export from Microstation and hold LumenRT objects I had?  everytime I export, it creates a new file.   Thanks

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  • Hi David,  having a similar issue.  The materials I apply in Lumen RT are not holding when I re-export a microstation model.  It's not creating a new file as Juan stated above.  To be clear, sometimes the materials hold but sometimes not.  I can't really figure out why as I'm doing the same export process repeatedly.  Not sure how but would using ProjectWise be a consideration?  My microstation model is on PW.  I open and export to Lumen on my hard drive from there.

    Thanks for your time

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