How to add a tree to MS from Lumenrt, when the tree was finished in Plant Factory?

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How to add a tree to MS from Lumenrt, when I modeled the tree in Plant Factory? 

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  • 1) Create a Plant in Plant factory.
    2) Export Plant to LumenRT (.lob) from File > Export >Export to LumenRT
    3) Copy LOB file to C:\ProgramData\Bentley\Bentley LumenRT CONNECT Edition - Update 4\LumenRT Content\LumenRT\Plants
    4) Export same plant to Mesh (FBX or Obj ) from File > Export > Export to Mesh
    5) create .cel file with Tree Mesh in Microstation
    6) with Model name start with LRT_Plants_ name
    7) Create a cell for tree in .cel file with name starting LRT_Plants.

    Note : Make sure Tree name in .Cel file and in LOB is same for

    example: TreeMango

    LOB name : TreeMango.lob

    >cel name: LRT_Plants_Treemango

    Test: Create new dgn file in microstation
    place tree cel from above create .cel file
    export dgn to LumenRT from Visualization > Home >LumenRT
    Observe in LumenRT  exact same tree will get picked (LOB)

  • hi harshad, when I copy a new plant lob file in a new created folder and export my dgn file to LRT,there is some error:couldn't loadproxy object !

    how can I creat new plants like other plants already existing in the PLANTS folder?

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