LumenRT Update 4 - add-ons in Archicad (18 - 21) not working (


as smooth as the integration in Archicad was, and as eagerly as I was looking forward for the tech upgrade no 4, as annoyed am I to see that now none of the Archicad plugins are working: I am on the German version of ArchiCad, and in all version the add-on is disabled after start-up, "please contact the distributor"

Let me underline that whilest working, the link from ArchiCad to - now Bentley - LumenRT was a great feature and enabled us to continually visualize our progress for the client, as all scenery added was maintained; we thus could do regular updates from our updated and enhanced AC-Model ...

Please get that fixed

best regards

S. Hybner

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  • Hi David,

    after extended tests I found something, which is almost a solution:

    The add-on works smoothly if I start ArchiCAD without dongle, thus in Demo-Mode; I happened to do this by error and was sublimely surprised, after having done almost every imaginable kind of trick (as mentioned before ...);

    I do attach screenshots as to show the difference after startupMenu in "Demo-Mode" - LumenRT cleanly addedlicensed mode - LumenRT missing ...

    I do address Graphisoft now with this bizarre behaviour, and I am looking forward to reading and sharing their response;

    and so please accept my apologies for being mislead as to the functionality of the add-on, but this was really tough to discover ...

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