CE U8 - Modo Render Engine


Modo releases are:

11.0v1 in 2017/04/20;

11.1v1 in 2017/06/29;

11.2v1 in 2017/11/07;

11.2v2 in 2017/12/19.

This releases and some in between have been coming out and Microstation is still within version 10.1v2 which was release in 2016/07/21.

Are there any news on render engine being updated?


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  • This mean that we will lose Modo render

    As wrote, only Bentley can provide further details. But it makes sense in my opinion: When Bentley owns VUE, LumenRT and other e-on technologies, why to pay (probably now low) license fee to include Modo into MicroStation?

    The rendering is more joy and fun for me, but I'd like to experience several years in row when rendering engine in MicroStation will not change (whatever it will be) and the integration will be really tight, dynamic and optimized (e.g. material definitions will be 1:1 with rendering engine features etc.).