CE U8 - Modo Render Engine


Modo releases are:

11.0v1 in 2017/04/20;

11.1v1 in 2017/06/29;

11.2v1 in 2017/11/07;

11.2v2 in 2017/12/19.

This releases and some in between have been coming out and Microstation is still within version 10.1v2 which was release in 2016/07/21.

Are there any news on render engine being updated?


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  • the integration will be really tight, dynamic and optimized (e.g. material definitions will be 1:1 with rendering engine features etc

    I couldn't agree with you more Jan, unfortunately we continue to stay behind in the larger picture in respective areas:

    • Rendering;
    • Advanced modeling features, samples here and here (thanks Louis);
    • Update real time view canvas with more technology specs like bump, ambient occlusions and reflections.

    Will this and more be implemented inside Microstation? I'm just guessing but if Pathtracer comes it will be for the output render and not realtime view.

    Foundry release a new Modo version - 12.0v1 2018/03/28 just two days ago and apart for new features, a new technology for viewports - GPU real time render with multi sample anti-aliasing.