MicroStation to Unity to VR - Workflow 3

The attached PDF describes my Virtual Reality workflow and is meant to replace the two previous tutorials on this same topic. There is some new functionality but the main thing to note is that these instructions relate to Unity 2018.1, SteamVR 1.2.3, and VRTK 3.3.0.

I created a series of companion videos for the original tutorial but they are now out of date. As long as you follow this written VR Tutorial, I think those videos could still be useful as a visual aid. You can find the YouTube playlist here:

The tutorial is split up into simple categories which in a lot of cases can be included in your project on an as needed basis.

Amongst other things, the tutorial covers:
    • Software/hardware that you will need.
    • Download and preparation of the VRTK script files.
    • MicroStation’s surface normals.
    • Creation of collision mesh geometry.
    • Exporting DGN files to FBX.
    • Creating a Unity project.
    • Adding Prefabs and Scripts.
    • Importing FBX files.
    • Adding FBX files to your Scene.
    • Lighting setup for either Realtime or Baked lights.
    • Adding Reflection probes.
    • Making objects grabbable.
    • Adding ambient sound.
    • Creating a floating menu to:
        ◦ Turn ON/OFF different models.
        ◦ Reset grabbable object position.
        ◦ Play/Stop audio.
        ◦ Exit Scene.
    • Build executable code that you can view in a VR headset.

Here’s a screen capture of my Unity environment, it might look daunting but it really isn’t all that bad. VR is truly a game changer and I urge everyone to give it a go :-)