Bad Animation Frames

This has been incredibly frustrating. I've been a MicroStation user and champion of the software for about two decades now, but this facet of its operation has left me with a very sour taste in my mouth. I've done several animations in MicroStation, and I'm being hamstrung by something that has come up in a few cases previously. For some confounding reason, certain frames render poorly. Various elements just don't fully render, and it happens at various locations along my fly-through. I've tried moving all the elements closer to (0,0,0), merging references into the active file, and dropping mesh elements to shapes. These drastic approaches have helped in many cases, but as you can see in the animation link provided below, it's still haunting me.

Please, dear Lord, somebody give me some helpful guidance as to how to resolve this. It's completely mind-boggling to me that I've invested this much time and effort into making a robust model to animate, only to be left endlessly troubleshooting the rendering functionality of the software I'm using.

Thanks for your time and attention.