Luxology rendering appears black as the night

I've been using Microstation for about 20 years now and I used to get pretty good results when rendering images in the pre-Luxology era. Now I have a project that needs a decent rendering and I'm totally lost on Luxology and all its settings. The more settings I discover, the darker the image appears to become (!)

Here's the latest attempt:

Here's the same building in shaded mode:

And here are some settings I have:
Ambient is on max (I've tried everything between off and max)
Flashbulb is on max (I've tried everything between off and max)
Solar Intensity is on 50 (I've tried everything between off and max)

I have no lights defined which is probably part of the problem but I just can't figure out how to get the best out of my image using Luxology.

I'm using V8i SS3 and any input would be much apreciated