LumenRT - Multi-Player Virtual Reality

Hi Everyone

We have been using LumenRT as a VR review tool for our models, I would like to know if there is a way to connect more than one "Viewer / Player" to a VR session?

We currently generate live cubes of our models and run them with HTC vive and Steam VR and it works great but I have been asked to find out how to include more than one headset to a single session,
is there anyway to do this? 

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  • If you do post an Idea or a Change Request, try to describe what you need.

    • Do you want to have a multiplayer environment where all participants walk their own trajectory? ("We meet again at the entrance in five minutes, or press Home").
    • Or just one player that leads and others that follow the guided tour? ("If you look to your left, you'll see...")
    • If you point at objects to discus, do these light up for others to see? ("This window here is optional")
    • Do participants have to be visible within the visualisation? Avatars? Adjustable? ("Duke and Lara join me, Sonic and Mario follow Pacman.")

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