FBX exporter different between SS4 and CONNECT

I'm exporting a 3d file with reference files to FBX format for importing into Lumion 8.5.

I've done it in both AECOsim V8i SS6 and AECOsim CONNECT U10, and they export the materials differently.

In Lumion, the materials include the name of the reference file that the element is a part of. But SS6 and CONNECT treat the reference file names differently.

The reference file is "Terminal_Interior_Second-Retail.dgn" with the Model being "Option 1", and the Logical name of "Interior".

Exporting from SS6, the material name in Lumion is Glass_Frosted_Ref_Interior_Terminal_Interior_Second-Retail.dgn_Option_1_momo_vis.

But exporting from CONNECT, the material name in Lumion is Glass_Frosted_Interior_Second-Retail.dgn_Option_1_momo_vis.

It looks like SS6 includes the Logical name, while CONNECT doesn't. Why are they different ?



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